Laser Skin Treatment Gives You the Beautiful Skin You've Always Hidden

Laser Skin Treatment Gives You the Beautiful Skin You've Always Hidden

Laser Skin TreatmentsYou don’t have to hide your skin or feel embarrassed anymore. Modern solutions in dermatological science make it possible to improve the appearance of your skin with non-invasive procedures. Learn how a specialist at Burnett Dermatology in Sarasota FL can help give you the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

Hiding Your Skin Problems
Many patients spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products to try to get rid of common skin problems, but nothing gives them the results you want. If this sounds like your story, you could benefit from a laser skin treatment at a dermatologist’s office. Laser therapy is a technology that uses waves of energy or light to fix or reduce the appearance of common skin problems, like wrinkles, unsightly birthmarks, acne marks, sun spots, eczema scars and more.

Laser Skin Treatments
The specialists at Burnett Dermatology in Sarasota FL are happy to offer patients the latest laser skin treatments. Laser resurfacing is a treatment where intense beams of light are used to remove the top layers of skin. Removing the old skin gives new skin a chance to grow. Resurfacing is used to fix fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and skin discolorations. Laser skin tightening is a treatment that stimulates the collagen in the skin using heat pulses from an infrared light. This therapy is used for sun damage, sagging skin and more.

Advantages of Laser Treatments
While everyone wants youthful, healthy looking skin, not everyone wants to go through an invasive procedure like plastic surgery in order to get it. The main benefit of laser skin treatments is that they don’t require any cutting or deep anesthesia. The healing process can take as little three to 10 days. Many patients report significant improvements in the way their skin looks in just a few appointments. 

Call for a Visit
You don’t have to go another year with unsightly skin problems. Call Burnett Dermatology in Sarasota FL at 941-957-3376 to schedule a visit to talk about laser skin treatments that will help reveal your healthy, beautiful skin.